What is PESSIMISM and It’s Impact on the Life? (Complete Guide)

Pessimism is having no hope for the future and or believing that only the worst will happen. Negativity is like a virus; If one has a pessimistic mentality, they would believe negative things will happen to them and if one has this kind of mentality, often times it is impossible to stay positive in the face of adversity and keep on going. People tend to become negative, then they complain and nag.

This mentality affects the decision-making process and eventually results in repetitive unfavorable outcomes. It’s similar to the Law of Attraction; If you think of something and believe in it, it will happen and become reality. So why stay negative and believe things when there is a certain amount of proof that things will get worse when if you think they can only get worst.

The downward spiral of this negative mentality is one that is often very difficult to climb out of because of the way it can often make the person lose control over their own judgment. By believing that you only have one option and that the option is always negative, you slowly lose your sense of freedom and will.

Humans have this gift given to them where we are privileged enough to choose how we feel and change the way we think on a very conscious level.

We can change our perspective and create new thoughts and eventually shift our subconscious to naturally see things in a more positive light and henceforth be more optimistic. Imagine this: You are upset at yourself and always complain because you failed a test that you studied very hard for.

You feel like your not worthy and really feel like you hate everything and feel that no matter how much effort you put in, it doesn’t matter and that the outcome would ultimately be the same. This is one of the most common instances of pessimism.

You go cry in your room, you sulk and even eventually get over the test results, however, most people overlook the fact that this mentality was a part of the reason that they may have failed such test and forget that you can change the way you see things.

You may have no one at the moment but when you walk outside everything is normal, this is simply a change of perspective that is often overlooked.

This is also the reason many people meditate or go for walks as they serve as a simple change in perspective to refresh your conscious thinking. Cars are passing by, people are crossing. There are birds and life pretty much goes on for everyone.

Everything may seem normal outside for everyone but you. At that moment you are presented with a choice: You can either believe that everything around you is isolated and that your efforts and hard work don’t amount to anything, or you can believe that regardless of your previous failure and mindset, everything  around you has not changed and the beauty of your life may still be present.

This critical moment defines a pessimist or optimist. Optimists will choose to look at the “brighter” side of their experiences, whilst pessimists will focus on the downfalls of their own choices. Well, the point is you have created that moment for you and no one is responsible, so the only way to fix your situation is to take responsibility for your mindset and rethink your options going forward after a failure.

You can change the way you think and once you develop a more positive thinking, you will feel a positive energy and it will automatically give your brain the signal to be excited and energetic at the same time.

The hurdle that most people face at this point is the fact that it’s very easy and convenient to be pessimistic. This is due to the fact that pessimism will often involve in the shifting of blame from you to another person or thing. It’s very easy to get stuck in this negative space because it’s hard for people to admit that they are doing something bad to themselves subconsciously.

Once you start the path of rehabilitating your positive outlook, it will motivate you to get things done rather than staying negative and having a pessimistic mentality. As many variables as life throw at everyone, you ultimately choose how you live and what happens to your future.

With a clear vision, anything is possible. Most people lose sight of their goals at the first obstacle when getting things done. It is focusing and not wavering from your path that will get you to your goal. if you know what you want in your life, there should not be an assumption that negative moments will cease to exist and be going in with that mentality will help you dwindle your sense of pessimism.

So it is important to primarily really know what you want to do or what you want in life in general and then really focusing on the goal rather than being distracted by every obstacle in your way. Then you will get there no matter what.

Think about this an example. You need to be in class at 9.00 am. Let’s go over the possible hurdles you may need to overcome; The bus is late, there is an accident on the way or you just woke up late or any other possible thing that can slow you down.

You overcome them and because you need to get to class and that is your destination and you eventually go to class. Let us say that all of the above DOES happen, and you ARE late for class, for most people, this is when they would first encounter their pessimistic side.

The way you deal with these obstacles and the fact that you were late to class will determine whether you learn from your mistakes or move on from negative events that came to be from none of you’re doing. Also, if you don’t have a clear vision of where you want to go in life and you have let’s say no goals, you are going to be easily distracted and then you will fall back into your negative routine.

Not only is having goals is important, but having realistic goals and things that inspire you and keep you motivated in achieving them. In conclusion, the combination of slowly grinding out your daily tasks while trying to focus on your main goal will help you overcome your pessimism.

This is not to say that pessimism is a negative-only trait. The existence of pessimism is very closely related to Cynicism and whilst being a pessimistic cynic won’t help you in life, having these thoughts in occasional circumstances will help you deal with people or things that are truly trying to get in your way.

Being blindly optimistic isn’t the only fix to achieving your goals, it is the balance of your negative and positive impulses that will keep you living a very healthy and balanced life.

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