The Power of Belief – Take What You Want for Granted (Best Guide)

One word separates the achievers from those who aren’t, belief. You can attend all the seminars, read all of the books, write down your goals, and it will all be in vain unless you believe. Only when you truly believe will you achieve your goals in life, and that is the key to motivation in management, sales or any career.

The Importance of Belief

Someone once said there’s magic in believing. But belief isn’t magical, it’s powerful. The New Testament mentions the words “faith” or “believe” 485 times. The two words mean essentially the same thing. If God places such tremendous importance in belief, shouldn’t we? Mountains can be moved if you have it. Daily problems become formidable barriers if you lose it.

Dr. Jonas Salk believed he could help cure polio. President Franklin D. Roosevelt believed the only thing we had to fear was fear itself. Martin Luther King believed in a dream of racial equality. President John F. Kennedy believed we could put a man on the moon. Anne Sullivan believed and set an example of faith and determination for us all to follow. The Wright Brothers believed that people could fly. People who believe have a goal, a faith in something bigger than themselves, as well as a strong belief in who they are.

Through the power of believing in yourself, your goals, other people, a company, or a cause you will live a life full of excitement. People without belief become frustrated more often than not. People who believe are more than motivated. They are inspired. People who lack belief lack the power to become all they can be.

The Definition of Belief

What does it mean to believe? If you believe, really believe, you mentally accept or trust in yourself, someone, or something without reason or evidence. That’s the key to the power of believing. A college degree, a big income, a fancy home, nice clothes, compliments, awards, or past successes aren’t what cause you to believe in yourself. First, you believe and then these things may follow. Believing comes from within and starts with your thinking. Everything else is evidence. The Bible says, “That which you greatly believe will come upon you.”

If you’re thinking more about the reason why things aren’t working and less about your goal, guess what will probably happen? Believers aren’t too concerned about reasons for or against an idea. They act and get results.

Believe Big!

Life is too short to be content with mediocrity. Yet, ask 100 people what they want in life and 95 will tell you what they don’t want. Thoreau concluded, “Most people lead lives of quiet desperation.” Only a few know what they want in life and dare to believe in the possibilities. Only a handful believe big.

Most people don’t believe in themselves and have no dream. Most people don’t believe and take no risks. Most people don’t believe and do just enough to get by. Most people don’t believe and all they see is a failure. How do you build belief? It’s obvious, isn’t it? Do what most people don’t do. Believe in yourself enough to put yourself in situations to help you learn and experience what you need to begin living the life you desire.

Believe you’re here for a special reason. Accept that you have an important purpose. Believe that you’re unique, live that way, and extraordinary things will happen in your life. You’ll become what you were meant to be. And, you’ll have an inner reserve to deal with the ups and downs of living.

Truly, your belief will cause the fact. Frank Lloyd Wright said, “Make no small plans; they have no power to move men’s hearts. Unless your proposals are bold, they will be ineffective.”

Believe It or Not…

A Chinese fable tells of an old man who had to cross a hill every day. Each day, he took a stone in each hand from the top of the hill to the bottom. When asked why, he said, “I’m moving this hill. Not in my lifetime or in my son’s lifetime, but in time this hill will be gone.” Believers have this same attitude. Their belief helps them accomplish a goal, dream, or purpose before it actually happens. It spurs them on in spite of life’s inevitable obstacles.

Moses believed and the Red Sea parted. George Washington believed and his army survived Valley Forge and won a war. Abe Lincoln believed and saved a divided nation. Gandhi believed and a country gained independence non-violently. Michael Phelps believed and he won eight gold medals at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. History sparkles with the accounts of believers. It is a funny thing about belief-it tends to rub off on others. By believing in yourself, you will have a positive and powerful effect on your family, co-workers, and friends.

Most people say seeing is believing. But it doesn’t work that way. Author Bob Conklin recorded many years ago that the key to motivation is the power of believing. Ask any achiever how they do it, and they will simply say:

  • I believe in myself or my team
  • I believe in my goals

First, they believed and then things happened. It has been declared that nothing will drive someone to unprecedented heights faster than the unyielding belief that he or she can.

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  1. All of your great thoughts made total sense, especially this one… ‘you mentally accept or trust in yourself, someone, or something without reason or evidence. ‘
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