Perception of our World (with Best Examples)

Perception of world

Are you also stuck on your device for hours but don’t really know what you are doing on your smartphone? Well, welcome to this world.

Smartphones can become extremely addicting in a sense where it can be challenging to control the time spend on your device and the context you choose to insert in your brain.

How you can use your phone effectively to its best potential? Do you feel a lot of your time is wasted on your phone or is this normal to you? Is this just a phase of life that we are going through? Dont you sometimes feel like face to face interaction is fading as the time passes? Could this possibly be any tests or challenge that all of us are experiencing?

We got so close to things,  therefore, they become so normal that we never question them! As I mentioned already, the majority of people spend too much time on their mobile devices and for some, this becomes a problem as it can be too addictive.

Sometimes, even I have no control over how much time I waste on my device and I keep on scrolling down and down and down and until the page is out of context. I know some of you can relate to this and we can’t really blame anyone but ourselves.

It’s easy to get distracted with our great technology and smart devices provided to us today, but if we think critically about this, this is the serious issue among youngsters and not only the young generation but adults too.

In the new century, most people live their lives through their mobile screens.Not only kids and teenagers are on their devices during the family gathering, adults have that behavior sometimes they can’t even tell themselves.

Technology is already taking over the most face to face interactions and it is an easy, reliable, powerful way to pretty much do anything with mobile devices. Aside from all the mobile devices and the great things its able to do, I am trying to make sense of what is happening in the world or specifically, what is happening around me.

We have ways to understand the world we live in. One way, we can see infinite objects is through vision. The human eye is able to see the image that really projects on the retina.

This itself simply helps humans create perceptions of reality. Our reality is what we humans experience at present moment but it can change.

Humans brains don’t care about things that are already there. We can think of using our phones on a regular basis and our brain is used to automatically and constantly checking our phones. For a lot of us, it has already become a habit and we are unaware of this. The brain only cares about the things that change.

Us humans,  like to isolate ourselves from a lot of information that is available in reality. Simply said, humans are usually lazy and like to make sense of the world by categorizing groups. I mean reality is not just out there but is your prescription for what is out there.

Every individual’s reality can be seen. One can see another person’s reality through their senses. It’s just that our consciousness is having an experience.  If we own our minds, we could go beyond what we can find in the world and find reality in a different way.

Michael Ellner says “Everything is backward; everything is upside down.  Doctors destroy health,  some lawyers destroy justice,  some universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, and some religions destroy spirituality”.

Humans are curious beings and always have to try different things. Some just like to do the opposite. For example, one can do horrible things and call themselves religious. The point is all of this is for a reason. All these complications and distractions are simply one’s experiences.

You might be thinking how is this relevant to mobile devices and time spent/waste on devices. This can be very easy to explain.

Think about yourself when you are using a mobile device or any electronic device in a family gathering or just when you are with your best friends.

This happens to me when I am having dinner with my own family for instance. It’s extremely hard to connect and build the meaningful relationship with one another if we are constantly on our phones and are experiencing and spending out time through the screens of our devices.

We are missing out so much on what is going on around us and in front of our eyes.

This can be problematic. I feel fame is more important than actually being knowledgeable and having legit information on the table.

I mean majority goes after what society believes and accepts anyways. Reality is far from what is going on in our lives. We’re distracted and everything is upside down.

There is no joy in using your cell phone for hours and hours. It kills your neck, its bad for your eyes and it will eventually make you depressed when you are looking at all those beautiful Facebook and Instagram photos that are almost impossible to follow.

Why do I say everything is upside down?  Humans are given directions through their lives.  There is the huge mass of confusion. This is done to keep us away from the simple truth.

Behind this complexion is the amazing revelation of who we are.  When we connect the dots,  open our mind, we can put the subjects, people’s,  situations, and fix the puzzle. This is the difference between who we are and who we are manipulated to believe we are.

We are spiritual beings and we are having an experience. The KEY to EVERYTHING is to put humanity first.  We are all stuck in a false belief and don’t remember who we are.

This includes all the distractions I mentioned earlier and believe it or not we are lost in what we do daily. We are put in this world for an experience.

In fact, we are the experiment and the experience. Instead of loving, giving, understanding, awareness, which is all possible, we close our mind and we distract ourselves with meaningless things.

We get so close to distractions, they become so normal that we never question them.

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