Lost Love (The Best Poetry for Broken Hearts)

lost love

I want to go far away
I want to leave right away
There is so much, I can’t take all
I want to walk, I know I will fall
There are little power and energy in me
I can’t be here, can somebody kill me
I gave my heart, I have all my love for u
I never thought I was weak towards u
I had talents, I had lots of potential
I smiled, laughed, I was so punctual
Now all I see is shadows in the dark
You’re my light, without u I might die
Back in time, you told me what to do
Come back, Anything you say I will do
Nothing is left, my heart is in pieces
Do people hear, god or anyone? Jesus?
No one hears me, my pain still exists
No one hears me, I can no longer resist
My life is a puzzle, please come back
At least try to put some pieces back
can’t talk, can’t walk,
all I know is I’m in shock
I thought we were meant to be together
This is the end, hope thing gets better
can’t things be easy like they used to be
Sure, there are others, but who can see?
Something is living inside me, it’s more than pain
growing bigger, don’t want to be trained
I can speak to myself all day long
I’m not paranoid, something is wrong!
Why isn’t is simple? Without pain
I know I can get it back, I will gain
If it’s not meant to be, I will cry in the rain
I wish for things to be back to normal
If that’s impossible, I will live in paranormal

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