Motivation: The Scientific Guide on How to Get and Stay Motivated (Guide)


Have you ever felt like you are not motivated enough to do the things you want to get done?

Often times, people lack the motivation to do the tasks they always want to get done and this can be extremely changing because motivation is needed to reach goals. Lack of motivation affects ones’ behaviors negatively.

For example, a person who does not have enough motivation might procrastinate, and that will cause the person to get poor results or not even get things done at all. I was searching on google what motivation really means and it was explained as “the process that initiates, guides and maintains goal-oriented behavior”.

Motivation causes people to act in certain ways; it is an action that guides people towards their desired goals. Even though the desire for learning is different for each individual, the result of motivation could work the same for everyone, which is accomplishing goals. Think about Hockey.

In hockey, each player’s motive for winning the game is different because they have a different aspiration that pushes them towards scoring.

One’s motivation can be the championship cup or the sense of pride or accomplishment that one feels after winning the game. And each player may have a different intention.

For one the intention could be impressing a girl he might want to date. So, each individual’s incentive in doing their best or striving to get their goal is the result of motivation.

People, who are motivated easily, have slightly higher chance of accomplishing their goals. One’s motivation derives from thinking rationally about expected goals, getting the habit of involving in that specific activity and being able to focus on finishing certain tasks.

One way to get motivated to do a task is to think rationally about that specific task. This can be done by organizing and breaking down specific tasks in reasonable steps.

Also, it is important to figure out the main purpose of the task in general. Thinking rationally comes from continuously questioning the purpose and the significance of a goal. Questions such as: what is to be attained by a specific task or assignment, what is significant about that goal and what is the person going to do with it.

Clarifying the goal can have the great outcome of the quality of one’s life. In effect, there is a rationale that strives toward clarity and order in ones’ ideas and goals. we can say the purpose of a certain task helps individuals manage goals easier. In general, one must have a purpose to get motivated to do a certain task.

Another way to get motived is getting involved in an activity that over time can give motivation. Clubs or learning centers or if one wants to enroll in a class, enrolling in that class which they will have activities based on one’s interests can benefit that individual and help them become more motivated to achieve their goals.

When people get involved in an activity, they do not have to put extra effort to do a certain task because with their existing interests they already have that motivation.

People are generally trying to replace the necessity of personal effort and self-application with interest, which, in and of itself, would lead to their development.

Another motivational factor is to focus on finishing the task. Whatever the task may be. Sometimes people are not fully aware of their goals and don’t think critically and they choose the wrong path to get motivated. Having specific goals or an identified target can help a person easily get motivated.

By constantly being reminded of set goals, can be a motive to actually finishing the task.

Clarifying and knowing the goals can be beneficial for one and can easily motivate that person to accomplish their goals. Finishing any task and getting results improves and increases one’ knowledge and they can come up with their own learning process.

I believe motivation is a mindset that helps individuals stay goal-oriented and work towards their goals. Learning and completing tasks becomes hard when there is no motivation, especially if the task is not pleasant and for some of us this can have negative effects.

People always need motivations to accomplish goals but some are simply not aware of what motivates them and this is totally normal. It all comes down to thinking critically and learning through tasks and activities that are set to be done.

Motivation comes from striving to form a rational image of one’s goals, to improve rational thinking and getting involved in that specific activity can help focus on goals and being aspired to finish what was once started.

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