How does one become beautiful?

What is beauty mean? Everyone’s definition of beauty is different. In other words, beauty has different meanings to each individual. My definition of beauty is beauty from within. I think its important to realize and recognize every one is unique and not everyone can have or should have big eyes, full lips, nice skin, skinny body and ect. I think as long as you put the effort to enhance your appearance, is enough. That could be a simple thing to do for your body such as taking shower, painting your nails or just curling your hair. I know that there are lots of beauty standard advertised on social media. This makes it even harder for everyone to feel beautiful when there are so many beauty standards. However, it is impossible for everyone to follow all beauty trends.

To me the “Beauty Standards” that media advertises is not even beauty. I like to call it insecurity. Why should everyone be skinny and tall and white and whatever beauty means in the western world. Although this may change over time. The only reason that i can think of for promoting and advertising beauty standards is really for business and marketing purposes. There are so many beauty salons, beauty shops and beauty industry in general. It’s too obvious, its to advertise we are not beautiful enough, therefore, put some of my beauty products and you will become beautiful. Again i’m not here to damage anyones reputation that’s doing this or criticize anyone, but when i see some of my friends who spends so much of their money on unnecessary beauty products, it kind of makes me worried. Dont get me wrong, im not a hypocrite and i am a consumer as well. However, i know my limits. I may only spend $7 dollars on my mascara and i buy face cream for maybe $25 dollars and thats all. I am talking about those who spend a crazy amount of money on brand and high-end quality beauty products. Its temporary and at night-time when you wash all that makeup, you are dealing with the same person, so why not accept who you are and really go after what is important in life which comes down to beauty from within and working on things that really boost your confidence without having to worry about your physical appearance.

so i would ask you, what is your definition of beauty? One may say BEAUTY is having morals. things like kindness, helpfulness, forgiving and all these quantifications make up ones personality and all these combine can mean beauty to certain individuals. Who decides whats beautiful. This can be a very challenging question for some to answer. I would say it really depends on the individual and the different circumstances. An example of that can be fashion show. Lets talk about Mrs. Universe. THe people who host the show and those who participate in the show and the models decide all decide what beauty means. I for example, may not even agree to Mrs. universe be beautiful at all. This is because i have different definition of what beauty is. I would wrap up this with suggesting beautiful is subjective. A great example of this would be Beauty and the beast. The beast looked hideous but the young woman (Belle) still fell in love with him. I think it’s extremely important to accept yourself and if there are small things you can change, and improve then we should. Another thing, what you see in yourself is not the same as what other people see in you. One may say “i hate how i have such a big nose” and another may love the way your nose looks like. One thing to remember is beauty of appearance is such a small topic and there are so much we can to change thing in our body, but it may not be important thing in life.