What is PESSIMISM and It’s Impact on the Life? (Complete Guide)

Pessimism is having no hope for the future and or believing that only the worst will happen. Negativity is like a virus; If one has a pessimistic mentality, they would believe…

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Motivation: The Scientific Guide on How to Get and Stay Motivated (Guide)

Have you ever felt like you are not motivated enough to do the things you want to get done? Often times, people lack the motivation to do the tasks they…

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lost love

Lost Love (The Best Poetry for Broken Hearts)

I want to go far away I want to leave right away There is so much, I can’t take all I want to walk, I know I will fall There…

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Perception of world

Perception of our World (with Best Examples)

Are you also stuck on your device for hours but don’t really know what you are doing on your smartphone? Well, welcome to this world. Smartphones can become extremely addicting in…

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How Does one Feel/Become Beautiful? (Guide)

How does one feel/become beautiful? What does beauty mean? Everyone’s definition of beauty is different. In other words, beauty has different meanings to each individual. My definition of beauty is…

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Introduction ( Let’s Read More of this)

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